MOPS is a place where moms can come to be encouraged and supported by other moms who are in the very same season of life. We believe in the simple idea that remarkable things happen when moms come together. MOPS stands for mother of preschoolers, targeting moms with children birth through kindergarten. Even if you have children past that age we invite you to come as a mentor to our moms! We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, September - May.

God is doing big things in our group and we are so thankful and excited to be at New Hope Christian Center!

Here is the *OFFICIAL REGISTRATION INFO* for 2018-19!!!

Who's excited?? MEEE!!!

Okay, first things first. There is a lot of information here, so please read it all the way through!

Our registration fee will be as follows:
Before June 30: $ will pay your registration fee online and this will lock in this price. The remaining $23 will be due no later than the first meeting (you can either pay at the drive-through or the first meeting, so two options!). This option will get you the best price and naturally break things up into two manageable chunks!

July 1 until Drive Through Registration on September 11: $75

After Drive Through (9/11) until the first meeting: $90


We are going to cap our childcare at 90 kids to start with. We may open this up more as the year gets going and we see how things feel. We will not hold any childcare spots until you are registered online. Once we hit 90 kids, you will either need to secure your own childcare or be on a waitlist.

At this time, we decided there will be a $50 fee for childcare (regardless of how many kids you bring....If you are not bringing kids to MOPS, you will not need to pay this fee). This is roughly $3/meeting. That will allow us to pay our workers. HOWEVER, we are still going to work diligently to try to staff with volunteers so we can lower this cost. We could really use your help in finding workers so if you know of anyone, let us know! We are open to friends, parents, siblings, homeschooled teenagers, etc. We would love to tell you in the fall that this fee will be lower  This fee will be due in the fall.

We have a LIMITED number of childcare scholarships available. We have the option for 6 moms to do childcare for the Leadership Team meetings. You would be required to work at 3 meetings during the year (1st Tuesday of the month starting in September). We will also offer this to 6 moms working at 3 of the DGL meetings (3rd Tuesdays starting in September) As this frees us from having to pay childcare workers, you will not be charged the childcare fee. This will be first come first served AFTER you register online.

We are also planning to offer an option for moms to volunteer on a 4 person rotation in MOPPETS. This means you would work 4x/year in exchange for your childcare costs. This needs to be done in groups of 4, and will also be first come first served. To clarify the reason for 4, we have 16 meetings so 4 moms working 4x a year will replace ONE worker.

Again, we are truly hoping to be able to lower this fee, so let us know if you have any volunteers in mind!


So much info, I know! So lets break it down! 

  1. Register online at
    IMPORTANT: In the box provided enter our group code: YFM6
    If you do this before June 30, you will lock in the $55 pre-registration rate. July 1 it will increase to $75. After Drive Through registration, it will increase to $90.
  2. Reply to this thread saying you did so, just so we can make sure you are assigned properly to our group.
  3. Fill out this online Registration form ...If you are not pre-registering, you will wait to fill it out until you do so.
  4. If you would like a childcare scholarship, you will need to message Steff and let her know which option you want (MOPPETS rotation during MOPS, DGL meetings or Leadership meetings) so she can keep a list.
  5. If you need a scholarship for MOPS, please contact me and I'll go over the options we have available.
  6. Come to drive through on September 11th, say hi and see the crafts and get a treat! You can also pay your remaining balance then.
  7. If you can't make drive through, you will pay your remaining balance at the first meeting.

We know this is a lot of information and some changes. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or for any clarifications!