Drive By Church

Hello to all, well I don’t know about y’all but I miss you! During these times I have had time to take note of the little things in life that I miss, seemingly little things that I have taken for granted because I was sooooooo busy.

I had some extra time on my hands so I created a couple videos with the help of Belinda and Braun. You can see them on our Facebook page and we hope to get them uploaded to our New Hope web site soon. Just wanted to induce a few smiles, we sure could use some.
I have a confession to make, I have been hoarding smiles, not intentionally, but since most of our surgeries have been cancelled, (for those of you who do not know I work for an orthopedic company), I have not been able to go through the hospitals giving out free smiles to everyone I pass. I have also not been able to give them out on Tuesday nights to my Jeremiah Group and on Sunday mornings to all of you.
To be quite honest Belinda can only take so many of my smiles, so here is my idea on how all of you can help me (and Belinda) with all of these smiles that are piling up.
We are having a Drive-By at the Church from 11 am – 1 pm tomorrow (Thursday). So I want all of you to pack up the family and drive thru the parking lot so that l can throw some smiles your way! I promise the coronavirus cannot live on the surface of a smile, but that smiles themselves are very contagious!
We will be taking donations to assist our Project Share but even if you do not have anything to donate you can still donate a smile, which sometimes can be even better than food!
Some of you are still working but I know a lot of you are not so NO EXCUSES! COME BY AND DONATE A SMILE AND I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GET ONE IN RETURN!
Pastor Jim