An Update From Pastor Jim

Hello everyone and I hope you are all as excited to gather this weekend together once again!
 I know that some of you still have some concerns so I am writing this to address those concerns and to inform you as to how we will be moving forward.
We will be following the recommendations set forth by the CDC in their “Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith”.
  • By this time you are all well aware of how to practice “healthy hygiene behavior” so I will not go into that (if for some reason you are not aware of these practices just turn on your TV).
  • In order to comply with the “limit the size of gathering to no more than 50 persons” we will be moving to two services, 8:30 a.m. & 10:00 a.m. (staff do not count in that total number). For the first two weeks we will not provide nursery care and Kids’ church will be suspended throughout the summer.
  • We will be asking all who attend to self-monitor your health, (we will not be taking everyone’s temperature as they enter the door), if you do not feel well, feel sick, running a fever or have had close contact with a person with COVID-19, please stay home.
  • The CDC recommends the use of masks when social distancing cannot be maintained for more than 10 minutes. We will have some who do not wish to wear a mask while others may prefer to wear a mask. We will not all agree but we must be kind!
  • We will have live worship with the members of our team practicing social distancing. Some may choose to wear a mask while others do not.
  • In order to conform with the recommendation to “limit the sharing of frequently touched objects” we will not be passing the collection bags during the offering but instead we will provide a stationary collection device.
  • We will also not be providing coffee service (so bring your own) and temporarily we will not be sharing in communion.
  • We will provide “adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behavior” including soap, masks, and hand sanitizer.
  • We will “clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces” in between services. (We would also like to ask each of you to feel free to grab a sanitizing wipe and go at it! You won’t hurt our feelings!)
  • We have “taken steps to ensure that all water systems are safe to use” (our drinking fountain).
 I am sure there are other questions that you may have that I have not addressed. If you have any concerns as to our protocol moving forward I ask that you please contact me @
I am so looking forward to seeing you all and if you are in the high risk group or do not feel comfortable gathering as of yet for whatever reason we are going to try to get something together for Sunday morning so that you may join us through Facebook or on our website.
Blessings on all of you!
Pastor Jim