Aaron Morton

Pastor Aaron Morton is the newest member of our pastoral staff. Aaron was born in 1991 and has spent his whole life in Spokane. Aaron began attending youth group at New Hope in 2008 and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior the same year. Before graduating from East Valley High School in 2010, he joined the Army National Guard in 2009, serving 9 years as a mechanic and assistant chaplain. Aaron was a committed member of youth group since 2011 and his strong belief in discipleship, not only his own, but those younger than him began to mold the person he is today.  In 2016, Aaron married the love of his life, Brook. He also answered the call God put on his heart and took over as Youth Pastor the same year. After completing seminary work, he became ordained as a pastor in 2019. They have two beautiful children, Josiah and Lucy.

Aaron Morton Sermons